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eCoin.cc online payment system


Updated on April 8, 2012 by marktyronereyes27
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General Information

The funds can be transferred within the system from one  client’s account to another one. You can pay for online services such  as web-design or web-hosting. The system helps users to receive paper  checks from foreign partnership programs, or to receive other money  transfers done in the form of a paper check.  eCoin.cc will also  assist you in receiving and cashing Money Orders. The funds from  eCoin.cc system can be withdrawn to WebMoney system, ePassporte, and  other kinds of e-currencies. eCoin.cc assists in receiving an offshore  personal plastic debit card for purchasing in the Internet, and  withdrawal at ATMs. This system is intended for assisting users in  receiving wire transfers, paper checks, Western Union transfers,  Webmoney transfers and other currencies, and further withdrawing funds  to plastic cards bought in eCoin.cc, to a personal bank account of the  customer, to ePassporte or WebMoney. In special cases, after  negotiating with the support service a wire transfer to a company  account is also possible.


USD, electronic payment currencies WebMoney, ePassporte

Countries of use



bussines, personal etc - both of them


Open account   
Service FEE
Check deposit to account
3%, min $8

ACH deposit (direct deposit) to account
1%, min $10

WIRE deposit to account

WIRE transfer withdrawal

1%, min $25
e-currency Operations

Webmoney deposit to account
1%, min $1

Withdraw to Webmoney
3%, min $1
Withdraw to Epassporte
3% min. $5

Integration approaches

OnLine via internet browser

Information for developers

Is not possible to integrate in web systems at this moment

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