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CCAvenue online payment system


Updated on December 11, 2009
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General Information

CCAvenue® offers an unbeatable package with a complete bouquet of credit card processing options, global quality service and state-of-the-art verification and security technologies, all at very competitive rates. With all the major payment options, all the tools, all in one place, all for one price and all tied together in a straightforward, integrated step-by-step process that works efficiently. Nothing else is even remotely close. By using CCAvenue's payment gateway services, you get a globally scalable platform to enter the digital economy in style.



Countries of use

All countries


All types of Internet businesses


Pricing Options:


Depending on your business model, you may choose any one of the three schemes available:

Type of Scheme
Set Up fees [One time, non refundable]*
Annual Software Maintenance
Cost (ASMC)
** (Payable in April every year OR on Pro Rata basis thereof)
MasterCard/ Visa/Debit Cards
Amex/JCB/ITZ Cash/Mobile Payment
Net Banking
Privilege Scheme
Rs. 40000/-*
Rs. 3600/-*
Premium Scheme
Rs. 25000/-* Rs. 2400/-* 5%* 5%* 4%*
Economy Scheme
Rs. 7500/-*
Rs. 1200/-*

* Taxes as applicable will be levied on set up fees, ASMC and Transaction Discount Rate (TDR) charged by CCAvenue.

** Annual Software Maintenance Charge (ASMC) is charged on a per month basis payable in advance every year in April. Merchants signing on after April need not pay the full ASMC fee. The ASMC fee will be levied on pro-rata basis.

*** TDR = Transaction Discount Rate

All transactions normally appear as www.CCAvenue.com in your customer's Credit Card statement.

For which scheme should you sign up?
If your website has an established e-commerce presence or those who are confident of a huge volumes, the Privilege Scheme will be your best option. The low 3% TDR ensures that in the long run, your payout as TDR is minimal.

If your website generates a mid-volume turnover, the Premium Scheme will be your best option. The relatively low 5 % TDR ensures that your payout as TDR is minimal.

If your want to test online market or if you are initially expecting a low value turnover, the Economic Scheme will be your best option. The 7 % TDR is higher than the other two schemes but the low setup lets you test the market before you invest large amounts.

If a CCAvenue sub-merchant has signed up under our Economy Scheme, we will credit his account with Rs. 92.27 for every Rs. 100/- worth of transaction (10.30%  service tax deducted), done on a credit card by his customer. If the sub merchant has signed up for our Premium Scheme, we will credit his account with Rs. 94.48 for every Rs. 100/- worth of transaction (10.30% service tax deducted). If the sub merchant has signed up under our Privilege Scheme, we will credit his account with Rs 96.69/- for every Rs 100/-, worth of his transaction (10.30% service tax deducted).

To receive your payments you need to "capture" your transaction from the accounting module. When a transaction is successful from the payment gateway, it is reflected in your CCAvenue account with CCAvenue in a pending mode. You, as the merchant, will have to login to your account on www.CCAvenue.com and mark the transaction as shipped/executed and enter the relevant data.

You have 12 days from the receipt of the orders to execute and capture the order amounts. If your business model demands that you capture the amount in advance for future delivery, i.e. a period beyond 12 days from receipt of the order, and your customer is explicitly agreeable to this, then you may do so before the 12th day. Orders not captured will not be reflected in your account after this time.

Orders can be accessed by logging into your CCAvenue Account with the username and password registered on sign-up.

All orders shipped/executed until Monday midnight IST are processed for payment on the following Tuesday. Transactions are then paid-out by either of two methods as chosen by you on our Merchant Control Panel:

a) Direct Transfer: Sub-Merchants holding an account with the following banks, can opt for direct credit to their accounts, with any branch in the country by requesting us to deposit a Mumbai cheque:- Axis Bank Limited, Canara Bank, Citibank, Corporation Bank, Federal Bank, HDFC Bank Limited, ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, IndusInd Bank, Jammu & Kashmir Bank, Karur Vysya Bank Limited, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Punjab National Bank, Bank of Rajasthan, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered, Union Bank of India, Yes Bank and any other bank which allows us to deposit cheques to your current /personal account directly from Mumbai.

b) Citibank at par cheque payable as a local cheque in your city dispatched on Tuesday evening by courier.

Frequency Options:
a) 7 days
b) 14 days
c) 28 days
d) Threshold Limit - Merchants have been provided the option of selecting a threshold account collection limit to trigger an automatic wire transfer for the funds due to them. This may be configured in the Settings & Options feature of the CCAvenue M.A.R.S. (Merchant Accounting & Reporting System).

All orders captured till Monday midnight will be paid out on Tuesday. A 5% Rolling Reserve will be maintained for 180 days.

Features :
  • Set Up fee is a one-time fee only.
  • Upgrade from economy scheme to premium scheme or privilege scheme by paying the difference in set up fees. No changes to be made at your end.
  • Shopping Cart and other services available with all schemes.
  • All schemes to have complete access to the online CCAvenue® Merchant Accounting and Reporting System (M.A.R.S.) benefits that comprises a central reporting facility on every transaction, including reports on sales, credits, voids Œ to support non-repudiation, balancing, portal settlement reporting, processor settlement reporting and other back office functions.
  • Use the CCAvenue payment gateway to display your prices in USD, collect payments in USD, and receive payments in INR.
  • Visibility into transaction level information is protected by passwords.

Integration approaches


Information for developers

Your website name on your customer's card statement. 24 hour settlement directly into your ICICI bank account. Only one CCAvenue integration on your website required for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Direct Bank Debits to Chinese and Singapore Bank Accounts. No additional risk management costs per transaction and No chargeback representation fees. Free - Industry's leading Risk Management tools which are mapped with the most comprehensive negative database of thousands of internet merchants. No PCI DSS 1.1 compliance or Verisign SSL certificate required on your website. Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate issued directly by ICICI Bank on your legal entity name to claim your Export and Income Tax benefits.

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