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FastCharge online payment system


Updated on October 21, 2009
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General Information

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ Internet Credit Card Processing requires more security and agressive fraud controls than retail credit card processing because the credit card cannot be verified by swiping the credit card like you do with a retail merchant account. For this reason it's very important to deal with a company that specializes in internet transactions and Internet Merchant Accounts. An Internet Merchant Account does not require a shopper's signature and has requirements beyond a typical card-not-present or retail merchant account. If you already have a merchant account, you should verify that the merchant account supports credit card payments over the Internet. We've been setting up Internet Merchant Accounts since 1994 and offer one of the most secure and reliable payment processing gateways on the market with the Fast Charge Payment Gateway™.


Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB


All types of Internet businesses


Different initial and recurring amounts: Different dollar amounts can be specified for the first billing and subsequent billings. For example, a separate "Signup Fee" and "Monthly Fee" and be configured. Special introductory rates can be set up, or free trial periods offered.

Integration approaches

The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ "Virtual Terminal" takes the place of a credit card terminal or processing software saving you money because you don't have to purchase or lease the hardware or software. You get all the extra anti-fraud features like address verification, realtime credit card verification and free daily batching. The Fast Charge Payment Gateway™ "Online Merchant Center" provides merchants with a way to process credit cards from any device with internet access offering multiple credit card payment choices to customers.

The Fast Charge Payment GatewayT automatically includes a FREE basic web link shopping cart wizard option with each gateway license. Sample Free Web Link Hosted Shopping Cart wizard demo

Fast Charge Web Link works in one of two ways: It either captures the necessary customer information (name, credit card number, etc.) from a merchant's own secure transaction page, or it displays a customizable transaction page hosted on an Fast Charge secure server, for the customer to fill out.

The customer's information is encrypted using 40- or 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology and sent to an Fast Charge transaction server. The server sends the data through the authorization network to the appropriate card issuer's bank, using a secure, proprietary connection.

When the authorization process is complete -- this takes around five seconds -- the customer receives an approval or decline response and the Fast Charge server stores the transaction. Transactions are automatically settled each day and are typically funded within two to three business days.

Information for developers

Fast Charge Documentation

Getting started processing transactions through the Fast Charge payment gateway is easy. This site will provide you with a description of the different processing options you have, and guide you through the steps to getting up and running quickly.

The documents below are provided to assist you in incorporating the Online Commerce Suite products into your business. Most are available in .pdf format, which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. Click below to download a copy of the Acrobat Reader.

Getting Started Guide
An overview of the Online Commerce Suite and Payment Gateway. This guide also answers questions about e-commerce, credit card and ACH payments and fraud controls.
OsCommerce Module
Files and Module to configure the free osCommerce shopping cart to use the Fast Charge gateway. Note: If you are using the CRE Loaded version of osCommerce you must select Authorize.net in your osCommerce admin and change the post URL to https://trans.merchantpartners.com/cgi-bin/authorize.cgi and use your Fastcharge user ID.
API / Integration Guide Detailed technical information for your technical support staff responsible for integrating your existing e-commerce system with Online Commerce Suite.
Web Cart Guide Detailed instructions on how to configure and use your Web Cart Online Store and Shopping Cart.
Web Link Guide Detailed instructions on how to configure and use the Web Link hosted shopping cart.
Card Present Transactions Guide Detailed technical information for your technical support staff responsible for integrating your POS or other card present credit card and debit transaction processing application with Online Commerce Suite.
Distribution Package Sample code and files used for integration. Includes a fully functional sample shopping cart.
Mobile Merchant Center User Guide This document describes how to submit transactions and run reports from your handheld wireless device.
Membership Guide This document describes how to use the Membership / Subscription application to provide areas on your website that are only available to registered users.
Batch Processing Guide This document describes how to submit bulk transactions to the Online Commerce Suite batch processor.
IVR Pay By Phone Guide This document describes how to use the IVR Pay by Phone system to submit transactions using your phone.



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