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Intellipay online payment system


Updated on October 21, 2009
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General Information

We're IP Payment Specialists.

IntelliPay™, Inc. is a leading developer and provider of trusted, proprietary, high-quality transaction processing and payment products for all businesses.

We're focused on quality, reliability and innovation. With payment systems and payment alternatives evolving to suit the new electronic economy, IntelliPay™ is dedicated to bringing our clients the most cutting-edge technology available while maintaining our commitment to stay economical for our merchants.

Businesses of all sizes need, among many other things, flexible payment technologies with specialty features and services. Not only do we offer some compelling technological advantages, we also provide personal care for the unique needs of our merchant customers.

Service, speed, reliability and security are leading reasons why merchants choose IntelliPay™. We know that providing consistent 24-hour-a-day processing is a requirement that each one of our merchants have. The ability to accept payments from customers ­ quickly, easily, anytime and anywhere.

Let us help you meet the financial goals of your Internet business. We specialize in providing online, secure and real-time payment processing services for thousands of businesses of all sizes. With IntelliPay™, you get point-of-sale professionals who care about your income tools. You get tech support that actually supports and a proven system tested under strict banking network procedures.

You get the experience that only comes from supporting the most active merchant sites today. Our services are affordable and easy to use. Our sales professionals can even help you get approved for a merchant account if needed.

IntelliPay™ is a registered with Visa® and MasterCard® and is deemed compliant under the CISP requirements as set forth by Visa and SDP by MasterCard

IntelliPay™ is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific WebWorks, Inc. (OTCBB:PWEB) located in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Countries of use

All countries


Business and Personal use.



AVS Fee: A flat fee charged for each Address Verification Request. AVS is for U.S. cards and is an attempt by card associations to manage fraud by comparing street address numerals and zip codes to those in the cardholder's file at his issuing bank. The result is given to the merchant at the time of authorization and the merchant can decide whether to honor the transaction or not.

Batch Fee: Some MAPs charge for each batch you settle. Authorizations accumulate in a file every day and are usually settled once daily. If you force mid-day settlements you may accrue additional settlement, or "batch" fees. $0.25 - $0.50 per batch.

Chargeback Fee: A flat fee charged for the administrative and transaction costs associated with handling a customer chargeback request. $10 - $25.

Customer Service Fee: A flat fee some MAP's charge to maintain their customer service facilities. A good MAP will have 24 hour phone support.

Discount Rate: The percentage collected by the bank from your transaction dollar volume. For MOTO accounts typical Discount Rates run anywhere from 2.1% (quite low) to over 3%. For instance, if your rate is 2.49% you would be charged $2.49 on $100 dollar monthly volume. The discount rate is shared by your acquiring bank, the cardholder's issuing bank, the banking networks, and Visa, MasterCard or others.

Monthly Minimum: Most MAP's charge a flat minimum fee in case all your other variable fees (discount rate and transaction fees for instance) don't add up to the minimum fee requirement. If your other fees exceed the minimum, you shouldn't be billed the minimum. The minimum can vary widely among MAPs, ranging from $15 - $50. The average seems to be around $30.

Non-Qualified Rate: This is the additional discount rate charged by the bank and Visa/MC for transactions that violate ideal transaction profiles. Non-Qual, Mid-Qual and Qualified Rates should be clearly defined in your Merchant Agreement with your MAP. Typically, you are charged extra (sometimes up to 1% more!) on transactions that are not run through the AVS system, that aren't settled within 24 - 48 hours (time may vary per bank), or are NOT a standard consumer credit card (meaning additional charges probably apply if the purchase is made with a corporate card, foreign cards, or others). IntelliPay™ automatically settles your transactions within 24 hours, and runs AVS on all your transactions from U.S. based cards automatically, but you must understand your merchant accounts requirements on Non-Qual rates.

Retrieval Request Fee: If you request research on a past transaction your MAP may charge you a fee to research their data stores and create documents for you. $10 - $25 per incident.

Sign-Up Fee: Also called an Application Fee. Can range anywhere from $50 - $300. Often refunded if application is disapproved.

Statement Fee: Some MAP's charge a statement fee to itemize, print and ship your monthly statement.

Transaction Fee: A merchant account flat fee assessed for each transaction you run. Typically $0.15 to $0.35 per transaction.

Integration approaches

ExpertLink™ is used to link eCommerce systems to IntelliPay's ePayment system "in the background", meaning you can serve your own secure payment pages from your secure server and control the entire user experience.

Your web developer's programming, shopping cart or store software will open a high-speed, two-way, real-time and secure connection to IntelliPay over the Internet to send payment requests and receive the replies.

ExpertLink™ is very robust and feature-rich.

To use ExpertLink™ you will need:

Your own secure server to serve your own payment and receipt pages;
Your developer will build a connector that lives on your server(s) that talks to us - unless you're using a commercially available shopping cart or other store system that already has ExpertLink™ support built in.

For a full technical understanding of ExpertLink™, review the ExpertLink™ Guide. To get a list of ExpertLink™ features and benefits see our Features and Benefits document.

All ExpertLink™ accounts come with the Account Management System and SmartTerminal.

Information for developers

Developing strategic business alliances with a variety of organizations is crucial to IntelliPay. This helps us find compatible ecommerce and technology solutions for our customers.

There are many companies that have integrated their products, code modules and services to IntelliPay products and/or services.

If you don't find the type of products or services you're looking for, contact us immediately to see if there are other IntelliPay-compatible products not yet listed.  Or you can visit our most current list by clicking here.  Please note, when researching and contacting any of our partners, please let them know that you were referred by IntelliPay for the best service and rates!

Become an IntelliPayDeveloper 

IntelliPay welcomes partnerships and alliances of various types including technical relationships, value added resellers, contracted referral sources, ecommerce product and service providers, various ecommerce vendors such as banks, Independent Sales Organizations and others.

Our partnerships are focused on identifying and developing mutually beneficial revenue opportunities, technology evolution, increased brand awareness for both and increasing lead generation and sales opportunities.

In our collaborations, we will share experience, expertise and address the issues of our industries and customers we each serve and ultimately make our customers more successful.

As we continue to grow our product and service offerings, we are actively investigating new relationships and expanding existing relationships to benefit our merchant customers and our marketing and product plans.

Some of our partner types include:

eCommerce Hosts
Store Software Developers
eCommerce Tool Builders
Web Developers
System Integrators
Marketing Organizations
Bill Presentment Companies
eCommerce Portals
Shopping Cart Developers
Independent Sales Orgs
Payment Product Providers
Bank Networks
Software Developers

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