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Updated on October 21, 2009
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Billforcash is a leading provider for the best available solutions for, Credit Card Processing and Merchant Account services. Providing low-cost online credit card processing and merchant accounts for both Low Risk and High Risk merchants.

Our sales team works hard to find your business the best possible rates and solutions for merchant account processing services.

We believe you deserve the best, so we do our best to accommodate your needs.


Billforcash has been around since 2005 providing merchants with merchant accounts and online payment solutions. We fully understand the standards set by international credit card companies and have acquirers and banks willing to take your challenge. Apply now and receive

We deliver a full, secure and easy-to-use credit-card processing and merchant accounts that enable you to launch your online business quickly and hassle free. With our wide network of world's wide banks and partners, we can offer today merchant accounts in every location, industry and currency around the world.

All payment solutions we offer are based on an e-commerce environment that allows maximum fraud prevention with a minimum of sale loses along with the software management tools to maximize your business profit by insuring consumer satisfaction.

Processing solutions designed for your size and business model.
Competitive rates and fees.
Fast and easy set-up.
Technologically advanced online payment gateways to create a secure environment for you and your customers.

We offer you our in-depth industry expertise, reliable network of acquiring banks, and professional customer and technical support.

Billforcash seeks to become the one stop shop for online processing solutions. At Billforcash, we realize that merchants and customer satisfaction and loyalty are achieved when all of us: owners, managers and workers work as a team to achieve this goal. Over the years we have dedicated ourselves to obtaining the highest quality processing solutions and services for our merchants. A good solution for your cc processing must come with the best service possible.






The fees that you will be requested to pay for a merchant account depend on many of the factors, such as level of risk and estimated volume credit history and more. In general, you will find the following rates:

Application fee: sometimes called “set up fee”, one time fee starts at $350 and goes as high up as $2000/

Discount Rate: also called “desagio” a discount rate is the percentage of the total sales that you pay to the acquiring bank, and is in most cases it will be the largest cost of having a merchant account. These rates are determined considering a number of factors, including average sale amount, estimated total monthly sales volume, the overall business risk, etc. Internet-based merchant account discount rates range from approximately 3% to 10%. Small shifts and changes in discount rate can have a large impact on your total cost if you are processing significant volume.

Transaction Fee: some acquiring add transaction fee in addition to the discount rate. Usually between $0.10-$0.70 per transaction. Banks that waive the transaction fee sometimes “add it in” to the discount rate to make their fees appear more competitive. Comparing the total cost of different providers will allows you to make an informed decision by comparing between all your options.

Statement Fee: this fee covers the cost of making your monthly/weekly statement. Typical fees are $10 or under, and some banks do not charge a statement fee at all.

Monthly Minimum: some acquiring banks will charge you a minimum fee if your discount rate plus transaction fees do not exceed the minimum amount.

Chargeback Fee: if a customer successfully disputes a charge from you, the bank will charge you a “charge-back” fee. This rate varies from $10 to $100 for each chargeback. Bear in mind that too many charge-backs will most likely result in the loss of your account, so be sure to take advantage of available fraud management tools such as geo-ip and more…

Reserve Funds: if the acquiring bank perceives that your level of risk exceeds their standard guidelines but is not high enough to result in a rejected application, you may be required to set up a reserve account with the bank. This typically consists of a percentage of your sales volume (e.g. 10% of your estimated first six month’s sales). This provides a fund that the merchant account provider can access should you exit the business or you experience excessive charge backs.

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  Owned and managed by professionals with solid merchant and banking experience.
  Secure infrastructure that can handle all merchant needs.
  Wide banking relationships around the world, ensuring our customers have access to competitive pricing and specialized services.
  Online statement reporting available for all merchants.
  No restrictions on geographic location or registration.
  Technologically advanced online payment gateways to create a secure environment for you and your customers.
  24/7 customer service, offered at not additional cost.
  Fraud management tools including personal assistance regarding refund and chargeback management.

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