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Active Merchant online payment system

Active Merchant

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ActiveMerchant Financial Corporation (AMFC) helps each individual merchant to have their own high risk direct processing account with the partnered Issuing banks worldwide … and delivers industry's easiest-to-integrate eCommerce gateway. It allows almost all kind of business located any region with fully-featured payment processing solutions for Retail and Web Merchants as well as to our Resellers and individual sales organizations as an IPSP (Internet Payment Service Provider) It has a 7 years of electronic payment expertise and having the most reliable networks in the payment processing industry with 24/7 customer support along help desk professionals. It helps worldwide merchants to sell anything they selling or planning to sell, helps them to have their direct account with their own descriptor, If you are looking for an uncomplicated answer it can help you by setting up your direct account with one of our partnering bank … Active Merchant enables internet and moto merchants to accept many secure payment methods directly from site or through our virtual terminal platform System deals on your behalf from the acquiring bank and have you approved as it takes 7-10 business days to have your direct account setup and ready for you to start processing on it.



Countries of use

all counrties


Legal persons, Private persons


Merchant Discount Rate Starts from 7.0% + Setup Fee: $2000 USD (Depends on Business Type) Approved Transaction Fee: $1.00 Refund Fee: $3.00 Chargeback Fee: $50.00

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Recent news

Posted on August 12, 2011

Totalmerchantservices.com is one of the emerging credit card merchant card acquirers in the nation. Merchants who accept payments via credit cards for their goods and services choose Totalmerchantservices because it is cost effective and has innovative solutions.

TotalMerchantServices.com Merchant Daily Deposit

Totalmerchantservices provides certain additional services, which gives it an edge over other companies. By purchasing a online credit card terminal from TotalMerchantServices.com can accept checks just as credit cards. They do not have to worry about going to the bank daily and depositing those checks. They even do not have to worry about the checks being good. With the check guarantee service we assure merchants that they will receive the payment.

TotalMerchantServices.com Web Based Virtual Terminal

Turn the credit card terminal machine into a money making machine through the gift and loyalty card program. It will increase the merchant’s repeat business and you will earn more revenue without even spending a penny or expanding your business. Totalmerchantservices.com gives you a chance to increase your revenue by using a virtual terminal. This terminal acts the same way as a physical credit card terminal. It helps to accept orders online. By using a secure website via the internet the merchants can accept transactions and view all the details from any computer in the world.

Another amazing service offered by Totalmerchantservices.com is that the merchants can use their existing terminal equipment. All that needs to be done is to reprogram the terminal so that the merchants can use it with their new Totalmerchantservices merchant account. This way the merchants can obviously save money on purchasing a brand new Virtual Terminal and time to train their staff on how to use the new terminal.

Cash Advance Merchant Account

Totalmerchantservices.com also provides the merchant with a great opportunity to expand their business. Expanding business means that funds are required and keeping in mind the economical crunch every one is out of money. So to combat the crunch, Totalmerchantservices.com can provide the merchant with a cash advance. The funds are just a phone call away. There is no fixed loan repayment, the advance is based on the merchant’s future sales and is paid back according to the agreed small fixed percentage of the merchant’s daily credit card sales. Totalmerchantservices has the best Payment Solutions to your business.

URL: http://TotalMerchantServices.com

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Posted on August 9, 2011

Using PaymentOnline.com’s e-commerce payment and credit card processing you can add the payment functionality to your business very easily and at very affordable prices. PaymentOnline helps small businesses in their credit card processing needs. Services offered by PaymentOnline are secure which is why many businesses prefer PaymentOnline over other companies.

PaymentOnline.com SSL Payment Gateway API

The technology at PaymentOnline is a complete package. There are no IT professionals but still allows growth to enterprises with an IT department. PaymentOnline has subscription software that is most popular and has provided solution to many business needs. Other than this PaymentOnline has developed its own fast and reliable SSL payment gateway and credit card processing engine. This has given boost to the company because now they can manage their own machines hence provide better quality to its customers.

Merchant Account Setup from PaymentOnline.com within 7 Days!

Setting up a merchant account with PaymentOnline is no big deal. The whole account opening process is hassle free and the account is set up in just 4 days or even less. Quick setting up of account means that you can quickly start accepting payments via credit card from your customers and begin earning more.

E-Commerce solutions that PaymentOnline provides are subscription management system, membership management system, digital downloadable e-commerce, shopping cart software and automated recurring billing. It also offers e-commerce services such as website hosting and development, e-commerce hosting, marketing services, custom programming and API and domain name registration.

Qualified Merchant Processing Solutions

Customer service at PaymentOnline is spectacular. Representatives are available 24/7 and will help the customers in every possible way. Not only the customer service representatives but also each and every employee of PaymentOnline works with full dedication and motivation. The highly qualified IT professionals have made PaymentOnline what it is today. It is due to them that PaymentOnline is able to provide such unmatchable service to its customers.

The technology and payment processing solutions at PaymentOnline is secure and fraud free. There are individuals who constantly monitor and manage the transactions so to avoid any fraud. Software offered by PaymentOnline are easy to use which has become the company’s value proposition. PaymentOnline.com is the solution to your business needs.

URL: http://PaymentOnline.com

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Posted on August 7, 2011

FreeAuthnet.com offers ecommerce solutions at very reasonable rates. It’s a complete payment solution provider. If you want to start accepting credit and debit cards then authnet is the right choice for you. These solutions will help your business to expand and earn more revenue. Opening a merchant account with authnet will enable you to take advantage of the superior services we offer.

FreeAuthNet.com Merchant Account

If you already have a merchant account with some other company and want to switch it, you can do so at a very low rate. Our professionals will load your existing merchant account information to authnet. You can save a lot of money with us. There are no hidden charges and the fee we charge is very affordable.

FreeAuthNet.com Quality Merchant Account Services

Services provided by authnet are stable and reliable. You can trust on us. Every transaction is monitored and scrutinized for performance. We ensure that we provide you quality service so that you remain tension free. The security we provide is outstanding. Your customers will be sure that their data is secure and is not misused. Once your account is set up you can also access your account from anywhere in the world through the virtual terminal. This will help you in keeping records of all the transactions every time.

We provide 24/7 customer support. This will help you in getting your problems solved whenever you want. We are there to help you any time. The representatives are very friendly. They will listen to you and then will provide with the support that you need. Unlike other companies we get back to our customers as soon as we can. We know how important time is to them which is why we have speedy customer service.

Fraud Management Merchant Account Suite

We also provide fraud management service known as Fraud Detection Suite. You can customize this suite to match your business needs and minimize such transactions. With the help of tools in this suite you can prevent fraudulent transactions hence help you business from suffering huge loss. FreeAuthnet.com provides you the opportunity to save money by managing and screening suspicious transactions and by offering the low best rates.

URL: http://FreeAuthNet.com

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Posted on August 5, 2011

Instabill.com is a payment solution provider. It provides payment processing to many businesses regardless of the type or nature of the business. It offers global merchant accounts which mean that you can open an account with insta bill by sitting in any part of the world. By opening an account with insta bill you can accept payments via credit, debit and ATM cards. You will be able to accept all major types of credit and debit cards.

InstaBill.com Merchant Online Application

The procedure of opening an account with insta bill is easy and simple. Go to the website and fill in the online application form. Fill in all the fields that are required or else your application will be automatically rejected. Once you fill in the form and submit it, it takes a couple of business days for the approval. If your application is approved you will sent a notification email. The process does not take long and is hassle free.

InstaBill.com High Risk Merchant Account

Instabill specializes in high risk merchant account. Businesses that carry a huge risk in operating are managed and operated by Instabill.com. We also offer offshore accounts to accommodate high risk merchant accounts internationally. This gives them an opportunity to earn more and attract new customers towards it. Instabill strives to create a process where the risk taken by the merchant and the payment processor is reduced so that the company has few chances of suffering a loss.

The customer service we provide is excellent. Our representatives are helpful and will guide you through any problem. We are there for you whenever you need us. Another distinguishing feature of instabill.com is that once you open an account with us you can deal in multiple currencies. When you want your business to grow global you should accept payments in every currency. Instabill enables you to accept multiple currencies which boost your business.

Offshore Merchant Account Solution

Instabill is a complete payment processing solution provider. It specializes in high risk merchant account and offshore merchant account. With this outstanding service and the type of merchant accounts you can open, Instabill.com is the first choice for many customers.

URL: http://instabill.com

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Posted on August 4, 2011

You want to trade online and accept payments via credit or debit card then SecureTrading.com is the answer. If you looking for a secure merchant account for your business needs then apply for a merchant account with SecureTrading right away. SecureTrading provides enables the merchant to accept payments not only via credit debit card but also through PayPal accounts and take cash transactions via Ukash.

SecureTrading.com Multiple Payment Options

SecureTrading provides merchants with a chance to increase their sales in volume, ultimately earning greater revenue. Merchants often are scared to offer their clients alternate payment methods i.e. payments made other than credit or debit cards because there are higher chances of online fraud. But by setting up an account with SecureTrading you can minimize the chances of fraud transactions.

SecureTrading.com Payment Gateway

SecureTrading has the most reliable and secure payment gateway system. If the merchant already has an Internet Merchant ID SecureTrading can provide you with a Payment Gateway system through which you can process the card payments in multiple currencies. SecureTrading offers counter fraud services which serve as a competitive advantage for the company.

Setting up a secure merchant account is easy and hassle free. You do not have to go to the bank and get into the hassle of opening a merchant account. SecureTrading merchant account offers amazing low rates which include bank charges as well as payment processing fee. These rates are lower than the published PayPal and World Pay’s rates.

Accept Many Credit Cards

If the merchants have already got their merchant account with the bank then SecureTrading can provide them with their payment gateway which will enable them to process their transactions easily. They will now be using the product of SecureTrading and will be able to accept all major credit and debit cards. SecureTrading has an outstanding fraud management control. It can ban IPs if the IP is a suspicious one and then no longer payments from that particular IP will be accepted. Suspicious transactions are instantly identified and then measures are taken.

Securetrading.com is the product for you if you want a trouble free merchant account and want to deal in multiple currencies.

URL: http://SecureTrading.com

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