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ECUmoney online payment system


Updated on October 21, 2009
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General Information

Ecumoney Limited has been registered for and is authorized for conducting the following operations: "Forex dealing, Deposit taking and lending, Debit and Credit card services, Issuing of Financial Guarantees and Instruments, Cash Management services, Investment Management, Payment Services, electronic financial systems, e-currency and associated services."

ECU is 100% backed by hard currency: The total of ECU stored in ECU accounts is saved on our company bank accounts. It means that if tomorrow all ECU users want to sell back their ECU to receive hard currency, it can be done without a problem. As it is backed up by USD and EURO, the value of ECU does not fluctuate with any metal price.



Countries of use





ECU Fees

We offer you the best level of security and the most efficient e-currency on the internet. Such a Service has a price, but we keep our fees the lowest as possible.

Service Fee Who pays
Transaction fee 0.50%
Mini: $0.05€
Maxi: $5.00€
Payer, Payee, or both 50/50
Optional Private Payment $0.15 or €0.15 Payer
Conversion USD/EURO Free  
Monthly Maintenance fee No fee  
Purchase a prepaid card $1.00 or €1.00 Buyer
Load a prepaid card 0.50%
Mini: $0.05€
Maxi: $5.00€
Unlock an account blocked by the CyberGuard. $10.00 User
SMS $0.1  
Reset of password/PIN Free

Information for developers

The following documentation is intended for web masters and developers working with businesses that wish to accept and process ECU payments online.

Developers are required to have at least a basic knowledge of HTML, to be able to work with HTML forms and knowledge of processing of communication methods between servers.

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