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OpenCuro online payment system


Updated on October 21, 2009
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General Information

OpenCuro protects your payment privacy and security like no other company can.

Start protecting yourself against identity theft. Our patent-pending system allows users to make and receive payments without giving up any personally identifying information.

To accomplish this, our users exchange CuroCodes; a randomly generated set of characters, representing a value you specify and expiring at a time you determine.

Most importantly, CuroCodes are one-time-use-only which eliminates duplicate and unauthorized charges.



Countries of use



All types of payment processing


Our Complete List of Fees:
Sign-up Free
Transferring money into your OpenCuro account from your Bank Account Free
Transferring money from your OpenCuro account to your Bank Account Free
Sending Money Free
Receiving Money 5% flat service fee.
No minimum.
No per-transaction charge.
No special hardware to purchase. No software to download.

Integration approaches


Information for developers

Create a Payment Code to initiate payment. Let us know the amount and an expiration and we'll give you a secure Payment Code.


Already have a code? Submit an Invoice Code if the business you are paying has already given you a code.

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