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eBillme online payment system


Updated on November 5, 2012 by cdgrayson64
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General Information

eBillme is the most secure way to pay online. eBillme , the secure way to pay cash online, helps keep you safe, and in control every step of the way. With eBillme you can shop online anytime, anywhere. If your wallet isn’t handy, at least eBillme is. To use eBillme , all you need to know is your email address. So if you’re up late shopping in your hot pink pyjamas , forget running down to get your purse, just checkout with eBillme instead. Your personal information is private and you are protected. With eBillme , you login directly to your own online bank to pay your eBill . Your personal financial information is kept completely private by your own bank. It’s hidden from the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves and best of all, your purchase is covered by eBillme’s Buyer Protection Program . You’re in control Using eBillme helps you stay in control of your finances. With no fees, and no interest charges, eBillme helps you stay out of debt and in control of your money. You can also save money with hot deals in the Debt Free Mall or eBillme Rebates . Checkout with eBillme |  Pay at your bank’s website eBillme has been designed as a way to securely pay cash when you’re online shopping. It is easy to use, fast and convenient. At checkout, select eBillme as your payment option. A copy of your eBill will be displayed on the screen and emailed to you for your records. Login to your bank’s website and go to the bill pay section. Follow the instructions found in your eBill to add eBillme as a payee and then pay for your order - the same way you pay your other bills through online banking. If you need help using eBillme or paying your eBill , please call us toll free at 1-888-899-6633 and a customer service representative will be happy to assist you. Our customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday 9am-9pm and Saturday 11am-4pm (Eastern).   Checkout with eBillme |  Pay at a walk-in location near you. With eBillme you can pay at more than 36,000 walk-in locations including convenience stores, cellular stores,  drug stores and  Precash ® locations  near you.  At checkout, select eBillme as your payment option.  A copy of your eBill will be displayed on the screen and emailed to you for your records.  Print off this copy of the eBill , and take it to the nearest payment location. eBillme is the most secure way to pay with cash online. You keep your personal financial information completely private and hidden from the prying eyes of hackers and identity thieves. It’s easy to use, and all you need with you is your email address – no credit card or debit card required. Using eBillme helps you stay in control of your finances – no fees, and no interest charges. Best of all, your purchase is covered by eBillme’s Buyer Protection Program and qualifies for eBillme’s cash-back rewards . Whether you’re looking for tools , a new computer , some furniture or pet supplies , eBillme has a merchant for you. Our community of quality eBillme merchants is expanding daily. Want the latest news from eBillme , including information on the latest places you can shop with eBillme ? Sign up for eBillme’s newsletter below. Consumer protection that rivals premium credit card coverage – but without the costly fees and all the headaches of credit cards. Every time you use eBillme at a participating merchant, you’ll automatically be covered by the eBillme Buyer Protection program including: Best Price Guarantee helps you be sure that you get the best price on your order. Fraud Protection ensures that you have zero liability for unauthorized transactions. Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that you are satisfied or your money back. Shipping Protection covers you against shipping damages, loss or theft. eBillme is working hard to make shopping online safer than ever. The Buyer Protection program ensures that you can shop with confidence. We’ve got you covered.




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eBillme helps you save money.

eBillme, the secure way to pay cash online, helps you to save money when you're shopping, save fees when you're paying, and even helps you save money after you've received your order with cash back rewards and free buyer protection.

Save money while shopping.

When you shop with eBillme stores or in eBillme’s Debt Free Mall, you get the best deals we can find. You may also qualify for eBillme Rebates or discounts.

Save money while paying.

A recent study revealed that customers who used debit cards more than 20 times a year paid an average of $223 in NSF fees annually! If you’re tired of wasting your hard-earned money on overdraft, interest, insufficient funds and other hidden fees – Shop Without Fees with eBillme instead. eBillme charges: no NSF fees, no overdraft charges, no hidden fees, nothing for buyer protection and no interest.

Hey. Wait a minute, what does eBillme charge me? Nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. You get the picture. We don’t like fees, so we don’t charge you any.

Save money afterwards.

eBillme even saves you money after you’ve received your order with better Buyer Protection than debit cards.

With eBillme’s Best Price Guarantee, if you find a lower advertised price within 90 days of your qualifying eBillme purchase, you can get refunded the difference. eBillme saves you money when prices drop.

eBillme has a Satisfaction Guarantee so if there’s a problem with your purchase you can get your money back. Instead of having to buy a new one, you can get the issue either resolved, or get your money back to replace the item.

Save money on your next order.

eBillme saves you money on your next order with eBillme Rewards. eBillme Rewards gives you 1% cash back on your purchases to use on future purchases.

Looking for hot deals or free giveaways, check out the eBillme Debt Free mall deal of the day and weekly giveaways. Also be sure the check the Hot deal section on our webiste to see the latest offers and promotions.

Integration approaches

From a customer's perspective, eBillme is a secure, card-less payment option - without the security risks of online debit, and with all the benefits of a Platinum credit card. To use eBillme , * A customer shops at your web site and selects eBillme as their payment option, * Their eBill is presented and a copy is automatically emailed to them, * The customer then pays from their online banking account – the same way they pay their utility bills.

Recent news

Posted on March 22, 2012
Introducing… WU® Pay!

I am very pleased to announce that eBillme has been acquired by Western Union, and the eBillme payment option is now available as WU® Pay.

WU Pay will be available on hundreds of merchant websites and in the WU Pay Gift Card Mall.

The process of paying for your online purchases will stay the same. You can pay with online banking bill pay at over 17,000 financial institutions or in person at thousands of participating Western Union® Agent locations in the US.

WU Pay allows you to shop online and pay cash, without using a credit card, and without sharing any financial information. When you select WU Pay as your payment option, you receive a bill by email from WU Pay.

In addition to offering a cash payment option for online purchases, WU Pay purchases earn free cash back rewards!

All of us here at WU Pay are very excited to be joining with Western Union and bringing you this payment option. Plus we have an exciting promotion - you can earn $20 cash back on a $100+ Gift Card order at WU Pay!  Restrictions apply. See details.

Follow us on Twitter @WUPay and like our new Facebook page. Also you can keep up with us and learn more about how to use WU Pay on YouTube.

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Posted on February 17, 2012
Does your home need a makeover?

Since 1998, BrylaneHome has developed their brand into a  top home furnishing site. Now you can get the latest kitchen and home decor at the best prices AND pay with eBillme at checkout!

BrylaneHome.com offers their customers the best deals on furniture, kitchen items, art, bedding and more. BrylaneHome is the newest division of RedCats. RedCats is “America’s Specialty Catalog and e-Commerce leader”- mailing out more than half a billion catalogs in the U.S.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it outside, spring is just around the corner and if you’re planning any spring cleaning that’s the perfect opportunity to update your home. Change your heavy winter comforter and fleece throws in for brighter and lightweight comforter sets to keep you cool in the spring/summer months.

Let’s move to the kitchen. Is yours ready for summer BBQ’s and a 4th of July party? BrylaneHome’s kitchenware selection is expanding everyday and ordering new kitchenware will make you more efficient and organized when you’re ready to invite company over. Check out the President’s Day Sale happening this weekend for amazing deals for your home. Up to 50% off on over 100 items! Buying things now that you will need in the months ahead is smart and will save you money.

The things you need most for your home now or when the temperatures heat up a bit, can surely be found on BrylaneHome.com. Good luck shopping and be sure to pay with eBillme when you checkout. You can earn up to 10% cash back rewards when you shop and pay with eBillme. *Restrictions apply.

Now that your home is updated, why not update your wardrobe too with Curvy fashion made easy and affordable.

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Posted on February 9, 2012
Last chance for Valentine’s Day Shopping

Only a few more days remain for you to shop online for Valentine’s Day  and have it arrive before the big day!

Hop to it and you can benefit from all sorts of great deals and hot gift ideas for Valentine’s Day selected from over 800 online retailers. Pay with eBillme and earn free cash back rewards at you favorite retailer.

Categories are divided into people you most likely are purchasing for – Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him,  Valentine’s for Kids or simply the Best Valentine’s Ideas we have everything laid out for you, nice and easy!

Don’t forget to also check out our Gift Card Mall that’s packed full with over 60 Top Brand Gift Cards like 1800Flowers.com Gift Cards, Zappos Gift Cards, Gordon’s Jewelers Gift Cards, Chili’s Gift Cards and more!

So come and check us out, and find ways to Spend Less this Valentine’s Day right here on our blog!

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Posted on January 27, 2012
Spend Less this Valentine’s Day…

It’s not quite February yet, but it is certainly time to be planning your Valentine’s Day gift because guys, let’s be realistic… you know you’re going to end up running around on February 13th grabbing the last heart shaped box of chocolates and mushy card that’s left. And you know your Valentine deserves much better than that, right?! (Yes!)

So, let me help. The main thing you have to know about Valentine’s Day is your significant other wants something that’s unique and special. She will love store bought items, but would be ecstatic over something you make on your own! I know, that’s scary to think about. But here’s where I come in.

My suggestion:

To have the best of both worlds you should pick several small gifts that you know she’ll enjoy, or one big gift and a few small gifts and then add your special touch by packaging it all in a nice basket instead of spending a ton of money buying a pre-made basket.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Wal-Mart or Target or Hobby Lobby (any store with a crafts section) and buy a dark brown, white, red, or pink basket big enough to put the gifts in. (Make sure it’s not too big and has low sides so she will be able to see what’s in the basket.)
  • While you’re there buy clear cellophane wrap – it comes on a roll. And Valentine’s Day themed ribbon (Red, Pink or something with Hearts on it.)
  • Take the gifts you bought and arrange them in the basket so she can see each of them.
  • Cut a large piece of clear cellophane and set the basket in the center.
  • Pull the cellophane up on all sides and bunch it together at the top.
  • Tie the ribbon around the top to hold it together.

When you give your love her gift put it over the top with flowers from 1800Flowers.com or a gorgeous piece of jewelry from Gordon’s Jewelers. Grab an eBillme gift card and earn cash back rewards on your purchase!

There you go! You will have great gifts she will love plus you’ve added a touch of creativity. I can promise you, she will be shocked to find out you made the basket all yourself! Just don’t tell her you got the idea from us… and we promise to keep our lips sealed too.

If you have any problems picking out the basket, gifts, or difficulty making the basket let us know! We want to help! Good Luck!

*Be sure to check out all the unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas we hand selected for you*

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Posted on January 18, 2012
Valentine’s date ideas for college students

A new semester of school has started, which means instead of spending money on a lavish Valentines dinner for your special someone; you spent it on textbooks. Instead of going out on an unfortunate date, try some of these tips that will save you money:

  • Save money on gift cards at eBillme.com, with great deals and cash back at restaurants like Omaha Steaks and Chili’s
  • Stay in and rent a movie or hold a movie marathon
  • If you have a kitchen in your dorm, make a dinner together or with a group of friends. Who doesn’t love food?
  • For a fun dessert, try cooking S’mores indoors over the stove!
  • Don’t have anywhere to go? Bundle up and grab some hot chocolate and go watch the stars in an open sports field on campus

Gift ideas:

  • Looking for an inexpensive gift? Make a homemade collage of pictures that he or she can hang in their dorm room
  • Go to a local craft store and buy melting chocolate and molds instead of spending a lot of cash on designer chocolates. It’s easy to make in the microwave and your Valentine will appreciate the homemade gift or the two of you could have fun making Chocolate together
  • Burn a CD of your favorite songs and include a handwritten note about why each one is special
  • Leave little notes around his/her dorm room that say why you love them

The point of Valentines Day isn’t to spend tons of money, its to remind the people in your life why you love them. So for this Valentine’s Day, remind your Valentine why they are so special to you that will also save you money!

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