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Paypay online payment system


Updated on October 21, 2009
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General Information




PayPay is payment system with features of wallet on the Internet and via your mobile phone.
You can send money to or receive from anybody's mobile phone, email, PayPay account or bank account.

The users order transfers through SMS (text message via its mobile phone) or on PayPay.com or merchant websites or via PayPayDesktop.



Countries of use

Australia Dominican Rep. Japan Nigeria Thailand Bahamas Ecuador Kazakhstan Norway Trinidad - Tobago Belarus Egypt Kenya Qatar Tunisia Bermuda Gibraltar Korea, South Russia Turkey Bosnia and Herzegovina Greenland Kuwait San Marino Ukraine Brazil Haiti Kyrgyzstan Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Canada Hong Kong Liechtenstein Seychelles Venezuela Cayman Islands Iceland Malaysia Serbia Vietnam Chile, Rep. of India Mexico Singapore China Indonesia Monaco South Africa Costa Rica Israel Netherlands Antilles Switzerland Croatia Jamaica New Zealand Taiwan


personal and business


  Open an account Free Free  
  Send money within PayPay Free Free  
  Withdraw Funds      
     To any VERIFIED bank account 0.99 USD¹² 0.99 USD¹²  
     Add for Wire transfer 20 USD 20 USD  
     To any other bank account 3.99% + 0.30 USD¹²* 3.99% + 0.30 USD¹²*  
  Receive Money      
     Receive Money Free from 1.99% + 0.30 USD¹²³  
     From Credit Card 4.99% + 0.30 USD¹² from 1.99% + 0.30 USD¹²³

Integration approaches

PayPay is payment system on the Internet and via mobile phone. You can transfer funds to PayPay account from any bank worldwide. Shop or buy in auctions. Send or receive money to SMS (mobile phone number), email etc.

Information for developers

Website buttons
Accept payments funded by credit cards, Direct debit, from PayPay users and by wire transfers on your web sites and auctions by:
- Buy Now button,
- Donate button,
- Shopping cart buttons,
- Payment notifications to server.
Gallery with our buttons, logos and banners.

Mobile phone payments
Accept payments from customers via mobile phone in any business with website or real shop.

PayPayCode Business
Simplify your payments receiving by setting up variables. Usage on the Internet and in the real shops.

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