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Wallet365 online payment system


Updated on February 19, 2012 by Jhomas
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General Information

Online Payment System

Wallet365.com, brought to you by TimesofMoney Ltd., is an online payment system with a vision to provide value, convenience, transparency and security in all online transactions.


Wallet365.com is a revolutionary new online payment service that lets you pay anyone, anywhere. It lets you shop online and even receive money. Wallet365.com is absolutely safe, instant and convenient. All you need is an email ID. It secures you from the dangers of online credit card fraud.

Uses of Wallet365.com

  • Send money online to anyone
  • Receive money online from anyone
  • Make online payment to businesses
  • Pay for online shopping

Key Features of Wallet365.com's online payment service

  • Safe and Secure to use
  • Financial details are protected
  • Beyond Accepting Credit Card Payments
  • Use any bank account
  • Instant online money transfers
  • Free Sign-Up
  • Secure internet payment gateway.



Countries of use





Opening a Wallet365 account is absolutely FREE! There are nominal fees for other transactions as given below

 Service  Fees
 Open an Account  Free
 Receive Money  Free
 Shop Online  Free
 Make a Payment**  Rs. 10 Per transfer

** Make a Payment by Demand Draft charges Rs. 10 Per transaction + Courier charge Rs. 30/demand draft

Integration approaches

online, offline, email

Information for developers


    Do you wish you didn't have to interact with different banks & credit card companies? Do you wish customers could pay you online? Do you wish you could offer customers an easy online payment option? With Wallet365, your wishes just came true!

    Wallet365 is the best way to take your offline business online. You can receive money from customers all over the country, irrespective of where they bank or what credit card they use. You can receive payments as low as Rs. 1 (which means you can sell anything online). You enjoy lower merchant fees, no hidden costs and lower risks. What's more, you can make payments to vendors and suppliers through Wallet365 and save time and money!

    Wallet365 is the easiest, fastest and safest way to become a merchant.

    What's more all Wallet365 users are now your potential customers!

    Sign up now for a secure Wallet365 account.

    For more information on how Wallet365 can help your business email our merchant team at merchants@wallet365.com

  1. Get payments instantly and real-time, thanks to our internet payment gateway
  2. Simple and accessible reconciliation and MIS.
  3. Excellent for Vendor settlements, giving much improved cash flows.
  4. Access to a completely new customer base (Non-credit card users)
  5. Single window for multiple payment streams so reduced hassle.
  6. Easy integration (48 hrs).
  7. Much better margins means increased profits.
  8. No need to invest in an Internet payment gateway
  9. Make bulk payment. 

You need to gift your relative? A friend needs to borrow some money? You need to repay a loan? If you need to make a payment or send money to anyone for any purpose in India, Wallet365 is the right choice. Make an online payment to anyone having a bank account across India. Making a payment to your friends and relatives anywhere in India was never so easy, safe, quick and inexpensive!

Using Wallet365, you can make a payment to your friend or relative without any of the following:

- No Debit Card number required
- No need to go to a bank branch to deposit money
- No need to mail Cheques or money orders


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